Our company has been active in the field of marine tourism since 1994 in the Ionian Sea region with organized sailing holidays in Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos.

It sails you with its boats to the calm waters between beautiful small islands, where you can moor in natural protected coves of rare beauty and swim safely in clear blue waters.

The most important advantage of sailing is full autonomy, allows you to discover endless beaches, unique coves and wonderful sunsets.

In the evening, you are anchored in one of the many safe harbors for refueling and rest. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your meal and drink on board by listening to the music of your choice. Over the next few days you continue your journey to discover new locations with your own pleasant and enjoyable surprises in the Ionian region.

All these at unbeatable prices combined with special promotional packages.

Our team

Kefalonian Boat Rentals represents a network of privately owned sailing boats and we are a professional service provider.